Edmund Teh

Dice (iOS Concept)

Dice is a concept for an iOS discussions app. It's localized and pulls in questions and topics that your friends and locals post. It’s almost like an app for crowdsourcing answers and recommendations, similar to city-based sub-reddits on Reddit.

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The Google Slides presentation above documents my process for this design exercise from ideation (sketches, iA Maps, low and high fidelity wireframes) to a workable prototype (via Principle).

Image of Dice (iOS Concept)
Home and Channel Screens
Image of Dice (iOS Concept)
First-Time User Home Screens
Image of Dice (iOS Concept)
Various Process Screens

Here's a brief look at how I envisioned the app would look and feel. I worked in Principle to demonstrate many of the interactions a user would encounter while using the app.