Edmund Teh

Ello (iOS Concept)

Ello is a rapidly growing social network that’s completely ad-free with no user data collection. As a design exercise, I set out to create an iOS app concept, which is currently in the pipeline of their feature list. The challenge for me here was to design an app for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ resolutions.

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Image of Ello (iOS Concept)
Home Feed screen on the iPhone 6 & 6+

Please note: this is a completely unsolicited design. I know how much work goes into creating apps from concept to completion, and I don’t want to take anything away from Ello’s current designers. This is simply my interpretation of what I would want an Ello iOS app to look like.

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Image of Ello (iOS Concept)
Sketch & InVision

I designed all screens using Sketch and created a very basic prototype to emulate scrolling using InVision.

Image of Ello (iOS Concept)
My Profile screen on the iPhone 6 & 6+